The Taste is Steady, a Typical Madurese Culinary that You Can Enjoy if You Come to Salt Island

In addition to tempat tourism and  traditions that are very thick in the community, Madura has other  unique aspects that are suitable for you to  be able to  visit. One of them is that there are typical Madurese culinary that  you can enjoy if you come to visit. There are so many typical Madurese  culinary that  you can choose to eat with your partner.

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On this  occasion  , we would like to review some Madurese  culinary that  you can enjoy visiting.  With the following article everyone will know that Madura is rich in  culinary. Then what are the culinary that  you can choose to be used as a menu in Madura?  Here’s a  review to add to your insights.

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 Madura culinary with delicious taste  :

1.  Kokot Broth.

 The first typical Madurese culinary  that  you can enjoy if you visit is Kokot broth.  The culinary  is quite familiar among immigrants  from outside Madura, because the taste is famous for being delicious.   You can enjoy  meat broth and marrow or beef kikil and not forgetting the bones that will bring a  different sensation.

Moreover, combined with  a thick fatty broth, of course, it can make the meat more tender. If you come to Madura, then you need to try this satu culinary to feel the  sensation of deliciousness.  You can pamper yourself by choosing delicious culinary such as  madura’s typical Kokot broth.

For those of you who want to enjoy this first  Typical Madura culinary, you can come to Jalan Diponegoro, Sampang.  You don’t need to spend a large budget because you only need to pay RP40,000 per portion.  With this price,  of course, you will get very delicious food in Madura.

This culinary is suitable to be enjoyed  when you are free to relieve fatigue.   Especially if you enjoy it with your partner, of course it  will be even more delicious. So  that’s the first  Typical Madurese  culinary that  you can feel if you  visit the island that is rich in culinary.

2.  Songkem Duck.

 Typical Madura kedua culinary  that  you can enjoy if  you come to visit is The Songkem Duck.   This first culinary  is  one of  the most special duck culinary because it is  cooked with very complete spices.  Then steamed with a packet of banana  leaves that will add to the aroma of duck pepes.

 The culinary  is very tempting to enjoy with friends or couples, because it  uses quality ducks from local farmers.   You  can even  enjoy the culinary delights at a low  price of Rp. 22,000. So that’s  the second Madura  culinary specialties that  you can enjoy if you come to visit.

3.  Sinjai duck.

 The third typical Madurese  culinary  that  you can choose if you come to Madura is the Sinjai Duck which is very popular.  You  can enjoy this culinary if you visit the Bangkalan area.  This Sinjai  duck  is very popular even for outsiders   in Madura. This  proves how special the culinary  in Madura is.

No wonder  many people are addicted to  madura  culinary specialties such as this Sinjai duck.  With a low price, you can already enjoy the deliciousness of Sinjai duck. So that’s the third culinary that  you can choose if you come to the Bangkalan Madura area.

 Madura’s typical culinary  also does not go unnoticed by  people outside Madura.  So that not only tourist attractions and  traditions are highlighted, but also the culinary as well. So that’s the typical Madura  culinary that is suitable for you to  enjoy with your partner.

Elijah Castillo

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