How to Download a Journal Apps for Free

How to Download Journal for Free

Journals are scientific papers that contain special discussions, for example imliah articles in certain fields of science. Journals are often used for reference material when researching something related to the study of the science you want to research. Generally, journals are often used by students in compiling thesis research reports related to their study. Here’s a journal that can be accessed for free..Pahami Dampak Game Online Pada Anak

Google Scholar

This first journal site is the most sought after and is the largest search engine in the world. The best journals are in this system and for the process of downloading free journals making it easier to access.

Google scholar provides various types of scientific journals ranging from national to international journals. It is enough to use Indonesian to find national journals and foreign languages to find international journals. Searching on this site is also very easy just by typing the keywords you want to search for then Google Scholar automatically conducts searches related to related journals.

Harapan Adalah Emosi Yang Didorong Di Lingkungan Kita


The National Library of the Republic of Indonesia or Perpusnas is one of the government-owned sites with facilities to access a variety of quality journals for free. However, to be able to log in to this site requires access using email and password so that you can do a search.  There are quite a lot of journals provided, including proquest, Ebsco, SAGE and many other journals that can be accessed.

Sudah Banyak Orang Taruhan Olahraga Sebagai Sistem


Citeseer is a search engine  for public journals and is a digital library for scientific work that can be accessed by anyone especially computer science and informatics.  Various types of journals have been  on this site. The way Citeseer works is the same as google scholar and several other sites. Simply by entering keywords in the search, the desired journal  will appear.

The journal’s next website recommendation is which is definitely familiar to students and some people. Not only journals are available on this site, various scientific writings to be used as reference material in compiling research. Interestingly, providing a special discussion room for users to discuss research that has been carried out or just discuss scientific discussion topics. never run out of materials to write various scientific articles because every day, this site always sends recommended emails according to user interests.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

The next site is DOAJ which is an international journal site shaded by the Insfracturture Service for Open Access. This site already has thousands of journals that can be accessed from various parts of the world that have been provided.  For those of you who want to find international journals, it is recommended to use this site. Access to this site is very open to users and all data can be accessed for free.

Portal Garuda

The garuda portal created and managed by IPI (Indonesian Publication Index) is a journal providing more than 5,000 journals that can be accessed for free. Just like other sites, the garuda portal also provides easy access simply by typing keywords and a journal will appear according to keywords or those related to keywords. However, it should be noted that this site often experiences interruptions when many people are accessing.

Those are some journal sites that you can access for free, making it easier for you to find the journals you want.

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